Level 1

Level 1

This class will meet once a week for 12 weeks and is limited to five students. This 1 1/2 hour class is designed for the beginner. The meals begin easy and help teach basic kitchen skills. They build on each other and become more difficult as we progress through the course. This class sets the stage for Level 2. Students will get to help prepare, cook and eat what they make.

Ages 8 and up–2 days available:

Monday and Friday (Starting date to be announced)

Time: 11am-1:00pm

$30 per class per student ($360 for 12 week session)–no supply fee, but half of the session is due at the first class.

To sign up, please call 704-302-6384

Be aware that they will learn to use the stove as well as basic knife techniques. Class four involves a field trip to the grocery store. All classes will include hands on experience, and a handout with a summary of points covered in that lesson for future review.

Here is the outline for the classes.

Class #1

  • Importance of keeping everything clean in a kitchen
  • How to read a recipe (units of measure covered here)
  • Make homemade waffles

Class #2

  • Talk about safety using an oven, importance of preheating
  • Review cleanliness rules
  • Review fractions
  • Make Hot Dog Twists

Class #3

  • Cooking safety (using a stove, pot handles, how to put out a grease fire)
  • Practice/Talk about halving and doubling a recipe
  • Make homemade mac and cheese (NOT from a box)

Class #4

  • Field trip to the grocery store to talk about how to pick produce and meat
  • Talk about comparing prices (also noticing the size of the products in relation to price)

Class #5

  • Review previous class information
  • Make individual homemade pizzas

Class #6

  • Discuss general nutrition and balanced meal planning
  • Make Strawberry Blintzes (healthy version of crepes!)

Class #7

  • Knife safety
  • Review clean kitchen standards
  • Make homemade chicken nuggets/strips

Class #8

  • Discuss meal timing (how to have everything ready and warm at the time you need it considering prep and cooking time of each dish)
  • Discuss how to keep things warm when it has to be made ahead of time
  • Make homemade biscuits, scrambled eggs and country fried potatoes

Class #9

  • Make homemade wheat bread
  • Also practice making different kind of rolls

Class #10

  • Discuss substitutions and using your creativity (What if you don’t have an ingredient that a recipe calls for?)
  • Make cupcakes (Fun with a cake mix–how do you make it taste amazing? The students will determine the flavor)
  • Make homemade buttercream frosting
  • Cake decorating–learn shell border, stars and practice writing (continued in Class #11)

Class #11

  • Students will bring their own 9 or 10 inch round cake, already frosted
  • Learn to make roses, vines and leaves
  • Practice shell border, stars and writing
  • Students will decorate their cake to take home

Class #12

  • Make Porcupine Meatballs and Rice

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