Introducing a new year of cooking classes.

6 01 2012

After taking a year off from teaching, I’m pleased to once again offer cooking classes to the home school community in Charlotte, NC. I have two years experience teaching this curriculum.

Level 1 is an introductory class that any child age 8 or older can succeed in. Level 2 will build on level one. Both will cultivate practical life skills. Here is a brief outline of goals for each level.

A detailed list is coming soon.

Level 1 Goals:

  • Introduction to basic kitchen safety, use and cleanliness
  • Learn how to read and adapt recipes as needed (doubling, halving, basic ingredient substitutions)
  • Become comfortable in the kitchen and develop the confidence to succeed
  • Prepare for level 2

Level 2 Goals :

  • Review kitchen safety and continue to build confidence
  • Build on level 1 by increasing the difficulty and variety of dishes
  • Challenge students to create their own menu by the end of the course and execute all phases of that meal



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